If you've asked for one, here's what to do.

Despite the formalities here, if I've agreed to write you a letter, I'm happy to do so. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Best wishes!

1) Download this spreadsheet, fill it out, and return it to me by email (not Google Drive etc.). Even if you have already organized your application information in another format, still you must complete this spreadsheet. I know this is a pain, but this form allows me to keep everyone's letters, institutions, and dates in order.

2) Send me (by email) any info that will give me a sense of your interests and plans. Typically this includes a draft of your personal statement and a c.v. or resume.

3) Letters are almost always submitted online. For exceptions, please see instructions on the spreadsheet.

4) Please note that I must receive links for ALL your letters BEFORE I send the first letter. I know this takes a lot of planning and coordination on your part, but I have found that it's necessary.

5) On ALL application forms, you are to fill out, wherever possible, the following info about me:
Name: Jack Bauer
Title: Professor
Institution: University of Dayton
Address: Dept. of Psychology
City etc.: Dayton, OH 45469-1430
Phone: (937) 229-2617
Email: jbauer1@udayton.edu